28 Things That Are Not Funny And Yet Make Us Laugh Uncontrollably Every Single Time

Laughter comes from good humor. But not always. There are things that you laugh at invariably, even when they are not at all funny. One man’s tragedy becomes another man’s comedy. You can laugh at anything, like your boss’s poor jokes, a baby drooling in sleep, my articles, someone’s misfortune, ridiculously overpriced food, or a lamp.Here is a list of things that aren’t funny when you think of it; but they make us laugh uncontrollably without fail. Some of these are mean. Some are meaner. Read. And own up!

1. Kids with broken front teeth

Oye, India Gate!

*Ha Ha Ha*

2. When someone’s pants are so low, you can see the butt crack

Aur peheno low waist.

3. People wearing braces

Kya smile hai bhai!

4. Someone abusing

“Bhai Uski toh le li!

5. When someone runs into a glass door

Clear hai!

6. Someone entering the wrong toilet

Galti se mistake ho gaya!

7. Stunts that fail painfully

Kya sahi gira bey!

8. Friend’s proposal turned down brutally… in public!

Bhai tera kattaa ho gaya!

9. People trying to fake an accent and failing miserably/mispronunciations

Phir se bol, phir se bol!

10. Someone eating a banana

Ashleel hai ye launda!

11. When your friend is caught cheating in exams

Aur bhai, expert cheater?

12. Someone being hauled by the traffic police

“Hahaha. Bond ban raha tha!”

13. When someone laughs so hard, they snort

Hansi mat chhidak.

14. When someone’s really angry at you, but they can’t articulate

“Haha! Kya bolne ki koshish kar raha hai bey!”

15. Tatti

Keeping it classy.

16. Drunk people trying to walk straight/ When your friend pukes after drinking

Bohut capacity hai bhai ki.

17. When someone can’t reach the top shelf

Complan pina tha dost.

18. Someone lying to your face when you know the truth

Achha, achha! Toh aisa hua tha?

19. Someone slipping on a banana peel

“I’ll give that dive, 10 points!”

20. Someone slipping even when there’s no banana peel

“Phir se gir kar na! Photo khinchni hai!”

21. When cross-eyed people talk to you

“Look at me when I’m…. ohh sorry.”

22. When someone panics on a flight

Bomb phat-ne me abhi 5 minute hain. Relax!

23. When someone is thrown out of the class

Kraantikaari Bhagat Singh!

24. Navjot Singh Siddhu

Thokna band kar!

25. When babies say ‘fuck’/kids abuse

Arre dekho dekho, munna kya keh raha hai!

26. Catfight involving

Aa jao doston. Ladaai ho gayi hai! Mazza aayega!

27. When someone farts

“Tatti bhi kar le.”

28. A mole on someone’s face

“Kya beauty spot hai!”

Five Ways To Feel Happier When You’re Having a Bad Day

It’s no fun having a bad day. You know the ones I’m talking about where your brain feels like mush, and you have a hard time getting even the smallest things done. For a lot of people Monday is like that. Personally, I love Mondays… but today is one of those days and so for you I have my very own list of ways to feel happier when you’re having a bad day. 🙂

1. Eat Chocolate!

I love chocolate at any time of the day or night. But when I’m feeling cranky, there’s nothing quite like a nice piece of dark chocolate to stir those feelings of decadence and indulgence. Of course, all those health benefits don’t hurt either. Unless you’re allergic, of course, or if you really don’t like the taste… I dare you to tell me you can eat chocolate and not smile. I’m smiling just thinking about it! 🙂

2. Be an Optimist!

See your cup as half full. It’s a brand new day, and there are possibilities for wonderful things to happen. When you consciously choose to be optimistic about life you let go of the anxiety and fear that bombards us on a daily basis. Thinking optimistically also helps to start your creative process, because when you see possibilities in front of you, you can’t help but think of ways to make them a reality. Are you smiling yet?

And that brings me to my third way to feel happier when you’re having a bad day…

3. Be Creative!

Let your inner child out to play, and get creative. I’m very grateful to be able to work and home and create for a living. But sometimes even I need to play instead of writing the serious stuff. So I keep a sketch pad and a box of crayons beside my desk for those occasions when I have that overwhelming urge to let my mind wander. Alternative forms of creativity are a great way to get your mind off your bad day and make you smile.

4. Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean you can take it out on those around you. (Oh my! I’m channelling my mother!) But it’s true… you owe it yourself and those around you to be nice to them. If you’re not you’ll feel like garbage when you realize what a grump you’ve been. So if you can do something little to put a smile on someone else’s face you just might put one on your own grumpy face too.

It doesn’t even have to be anything big. Here’s an example…

I’m six feet tall. And I absolutely detest having to go to the grocery store. It can turn a great day into an awful one when I have to stop for food on the way home. Can you see where this is going?

It never fails, no matter how grumpy and scowling I am, stomping through the store to grab what I need that an elderly person will stop me and ask me to reach something on the top shelf for them. It also never fails that when I do (and just for the record, no matter how miserable I might be feeling at the moment, I would never dream of saying no), they are very grateful for the help, and I end up feeling a lot less grumpy.

And it works the other way too. There have been days when perfect strangers have done something simple and unexpected for me, that totally lifted my spirits. The one that springs to mind is one day when I was walking home feeling very depressed, head down almost in tears because we were broke and the cheque I was waiting for hadn’t arrived, I passed a man going the other way.

“Smile gorgeous,” he said, “It can’t be that bad.”

I looked up and gave a little half smile.

“C’mon you can do better than that,” he coaxed.

So I laughed a little and couldn’t help but smile.

“That’s my girl, I knew you could do it! Have a nice day now,” he said and continued on his way.

I have no idea who he was and I never saw him again. But all the rest of the way home I smiled thinking about that encounter. I still do!

5. Find Something To Be Grateful For

There is always something to be grateful for, even when you’re having the worst day you could ever imagine. If you take a minute to stop and breathe, you’re likely to find more than a few things in your life that you are grateful for. Even something as simple as a hot cup of coffee, or that your pen didn’t run out of ink in the middle of writing an article, can make you realize that there are blessings all around us and being grateful for the ones in your life is a sure pick-me-up.

So… are you smiling yet?
I am. Thanks for being here and brightening up my day!

51 Things That Will Make You Smile

Some days, it’s easy to smile. You wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, with the warm glow of the morning sun cradling your face. You take several deep, cleansing breaths standing beneath a perfectly cascading shower, just before drawing a smiley face on the steamed-up glass with your index finger.

Your roommate or significant other makes your coffee, just the way you like it. You hit every traffic light. You sing to your favorite tunes. And you arrive at work refreshed, excited, and anxious to create and collaborate.

But not every day starts this way. Sometimes you wake up to chaos, in your head or in the world around you. You hit snags, and bumps, and roadblocks at every turn. You try too hard, or don’t try enough, and things fall apart, or things fall short.

You struggle, you fight yourself and other people, and you find yourself wishing you could stop the world so you could get off for a while.

But there is an alternative. When things go wrong, you can fall down or look up. You can shut down or wake up, all over again, starting from right where you stand. You can accept that the days won’t always look bright, but commit to finding something worth smiling about. Not sure what that might be? No worries, friends! I have a few ideas….

1. Call a friend who knows how to laugh at herself to remember what it’s like not to take yourself too seriously.

2. Ask a friend to come over and make you smile. It’s really simple and obvious, I know, but sometimes we forget to just ask for what we need.

3. Read a letter, card, or email from someone who thought of you when you were going through a hard time.

4. Search your deleted email folder for “thank you.” You probably made a huge difference in someone’s life recently—remember that now!

5. Text a friend, “What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard today?”

6. Text your significant other with a silly picture of you and ask for one in return.

7. Ask your significant other to make you breakfast in bed—and to be creative with it. (I have no idea what that could mean, but just seeing the thought s/he puts into it will likely make it extra fun).

8. Post on your Facebook page, “What made you smile today?” (Like I often do on the Tiny Buddha Facebook page!)

9. Tell a child in your life that you need a hug. Just try to stay stoic when she throws her little arms around your neck and sings “The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow.”

10. Alternatively, ask that child to draw a picture of you and him or her together.

11. Take a break to enjoy a simple pleasure that you often multitask—like a cup of flavored coffee, or a favorite snack.

12. Rearrange your furniture. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel a sense of accomplishment when I do this, and I also really enjoy the novelty of creating a space with a different feel.

13. Give your cat a ball of yarn or give your dog a wrapped gift and watch him try to open it. Pets playing = instant smile, at least, for me!

14. Go out and invest in a hula hoop. It’s nearly impossible to stay glum when you get moving like you haven’t since you were a kid. (Alternative option: jump around on a trampoline and just try to not smile!)

15. For the ladies: paint your toe nails a bright color that you wouldn’t usually pick.

16. Ask a child in your life to do your hair. Seeing yourself with massive 80s bangs (ladies) or a Mohawk-inspired look (men) is sure to get you laughing!

17. Blast your favorite music and dance around with absolutely no regard for rhythm or appearance.

18. Bake something that has a silly face on it. Really—this is a valid suggestion!

19. Eat food that requires you to use your hands, and get messy—and then really get messy. Get rib sauce all over your face and just go with it.

20. Make some type of arts and crafts project, just like you would have as a kid, with plans to give it to someone else. (Two-part smile: when you see the ridiculous thing you made, and when you see your friend’s face after receiving it).

21. Make a snack you loved as a kid. Maybe it’s peanut butter and banana sandwiches, or a sundae with gummy bears on it.

22. Watch a movie or cartoon from your childhood. (Smurfs always do it for me, especially when I remember how my mother called them devil worshipers because Papa Smurf did magic.)

23. Write a hand-written letter to someone you love, using different colored pens.

24. Look at pictures from your childhood. I can’t help but smile when I see the ridiculously thick bangs my mother gave me (translate: the front of a mullet).

25. Pop in the video/DVD from your child’s last recital—or your childhood recital.

26. Call your oldest friend, start a conversation with, “’Member when we…,” and end it with, “That was awesome, huh?”

27. Do an updated version of that awesome thing, right now. Really—grab your markers, or your bike, or your flashlight, or your video camera, and have a childlike adventure.

28. Make a magazine collage of things that always make you smile. Consider it a mini vision board for moments you’d like to create soon.

29. Dress up in clothes you love, just to run a simple errand. When you like how you look, you generally feel good.

30. Wear bright colored socks. If your pants are long, wear a different color on each foot. It’s like a little private joke that only you and your feet know about.

31. Make a beeline to your favorite spot, whether it’s a beach, bike trail, or mall. (No judgment—it’s your favorite spot.)

32. Make time to see the sunrise or sunset, and make it an occasion. Invite a friend and bring wine and a picnic basket. Make a memory, and make it beautiful.

33. Walk by your neighborhood park and soak in the innocence, excitement, and wonder.

34. Grab your camera and go outside with a mission to capture things that make you happy.

35. Make a list of all the amazing things you’ve accomplished and experienced this year, and then bask in the beauty of it all.

36. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Say all the things that might make you feel kind of vulnerable, and then think about how special you just made them feel.

37. Help a neighbor with something, whether it’s pulling weeds from a woman’s garden or running an errand for an elderly man who no longer drives. Two part happiness—forgetting about your own problems, and showing someone that neighborly kindness is not a thing of the past.

38. Ask a friend to tell you what’s new with his or her passion project. Same idea: forget about yourself for a while and watch someone else light up.

39. Commit a random act of kindness and tell that person to pass it on.

40. People-watch with a dialogue-writing slant. As in, find two people sitting across the street and make up a ridiculous conversation in your head that they could be having. I know, it sounds silly, and it is. But it always makes me laugh! (I got this from the movie Date Night, in case it sounds familiar.)

41. Visit a positive news site. (There are tons of them.)

42. Elf yourself or a friend. (I know this one’s seasonal, but it’s funny year-found!)

43. Spend some time exploring 1000 Awesome Things.

44. Make your own list of awesome things.

45. Use the search functionality on Twitter and look for “happy” or “smile.”

46. Create a gratitude list for the day, including the smallest details (a fluffy pillow) and the biggest things (your health and your family).

47. Take a run around your block. Trigger some endorphins, whittle your waist line, and remember that the world is so much bigger and greater than it seems when sadness closes you down.

48. Laugh out loud. Seriously, just choose to laugh and keep going. (They actually offer laughter yoga and laughter meditation, if you’re interested in checking them out.)

49. Hum your favorite song. Humming has all kinds of benefits—it’s soothing, it centers you, and also calms your nervous system.

50. Make a new friend, in person or by commenting on a blog. Like this one. =)

51. And lastly…watch an uplifting video, like Tiny Buddha’s first YouTube video. I asked readers to submit footage of the things that make them smile, and the end result definitely put a smile on my face:

20 Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Are you looking for some funny quotes to make you smile or laugh? Here we collected some quotes that will make you laugh hard. Have fun : )

1. I’m going to stand outside. So if anyone asks, I am outstanding.

2. Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

3. I was standing in the park wondering why frisbees got bigger as they get closer. Then it hit me.

4. If you say you’re cooler than me…
Does that make me hotter than you?

5. Mom, what’s it like to have the greatest daughter in the world?

I don’t know dear… You’ll have to ask grandma.

6. I dream of a better tomorrow… where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned

7. Men are like parking spots, the good ones are taken and the free ones are handicapped.

8. Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

9. He who laughs last didn’t get it.

10.My teacher pointed at me with his ruler and said “at the end of this ruler is and idiot!” I got detention after I asked him which end he was referring to.

11. It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.

12. I have strong feeling about gun control. If there’s a gun around, I want to be controlling it.

13. A man’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another drink.

14. Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree that makes it a plant. Chocolate is salad.

15. Sometimes my mind wanders; other times it leaves completely.

16. What happens if you get scared half to death twice???

17. I’m one of those people that laughs at a joke 3 TIMES:
>>ONCE when it’s told to me
>>ONCE when it’s explained to me
>>ONCE 5 minutes later when i finally understand it

18. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you’re stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

19. Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

20. One possible reason that I don’t believe in fate is that I wasn’t fated to.

13 Things That Will Make You Smile On a Bad Day

1. Babies/kids in your family
Most people like the youngsters in their family because they’re so fun and adorable. How can you not smile because of them?

2. Babies/kids not in your family

Everyone loves kids. Well, most people. They always do the dumbest stuff, as if what they did is normal and no one was watching; however, said child is always in a public place where everyone is, in fact, watching.

3. Whataburger

I feel like this one is self-explanatory. Sorry if you’re not from the South because Whataburger is God’s gift to man.

4. Close friends

Yes, they come after Whataburger. I mean, come on; we have to have priorities. Hopefully, everyone would agree. If not, this list may not be for you.

5. Whataburger with close friends

Amen. I recommend going around Whataburger rush hours (between midnight and 2AM).

6. Baby animals

Especially puppies, because they’re too hard to look at and NOT smile… unless it’s hairless.

7. Your favorite song

Most people have that one song that makes them happy and want to jam out.

8. Old pictures/videos on your phone

This one is always fun. Yeah… fun is the right word, right? Maybe more like interesting. It usually goes from a range of pictures of notes to pictures of last night. One is usually kept longer than the other.

9. Kevin Hart

He’s always on the rise and never disappoints. Maybe he’ll share this and it’ll start the biggest journalism/writing career that I’ve never dreamed of.

10. Reminiscing through all the good times

This one is always nice because you don’t have to do anything. Just whip out your hammock, relax, and let the good memories flow.

11. A “How I Met Your Mother” marathon

This is one of the reasons for smiles and gained weight.

12. Watching the most popular Vines

Once you get into the loop of watching Vines, you won’t be able to get out. It’s like you’re in a maze, and every dead end is a new, funnier Vine. Just be sure that you have plenty of free time.

13. Doing the things you love

This one is more personal but speaks for all of the things that make you happy. Make yourself happy before anyone else.

5 Things That Will Make You Smile, Guaranteed

Has anyone else felt like social media has just been a terrible mixture of Trump hate and sad news stories lately? Yeah, me too. I think that the negativity is affecting everyone’s moods and outlooks on life. We need a pick me up, people, and that is what I am here to attempt to do for you all. Below, I have created a list of ten things that will make you smile, because you are beautiful and deserve to!


I mean come on! How can you look at these babies and not crack a huge smile? Puppies, and all pets for that matter, are known to make people live longer. Surround yourself around these little angels and you’ll be one-hundred percent happier in no time.

2. Memes

Let’s face it; Memes are hilarious. Goofy, but hilarious. There is practically a meme for any situation you could ever be in! Try not to take life too seriously all of the time. Sit back, go online, and laugh at a few memes.

3. Inspirational Quotes

Corny? Yes, very. But sometimes we all need a little cheesiness in our lives, it keeps us balanced. Feeling down about the election? Have a rough day of school? Look up some quotes to keep you going. Motivation is a great way to get your spirits up. And hey, its free!

4. Hope

Sometimes the best way to smile is to know that something better is coming. Hold on to the hope and a smile on your face will be easy to keep.

5. Treats

We all need to have a treat every once in awhile. What better way to put a smile on your face than eating a yummy little snack? “Treat” yourself every once in awhile, especially when you may be feeling down. Your endorphins will thank you later, and so will your mood!

I hope that you read this and got a little happier. Yes, there are a lot of serious issues going on in the world right now, but sometimes worrying about things too much only makes the situation worse. Take a deep breath in the mirror, put that gorgeous smile on, and kick your day right in the butt. Have a great week everyone, and stay positive!